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Our Furniture Pickup Service Is the Best

One of the difficult things to do in a move is to deal with furniture. Usually, the furniture items are quite heavy, making it very difficult to move them around. No one wants their valuable items to get damaged; Move Bros understands this and guarantees the safest furniture pickup service in Sioux Falls, SD. Our dedicated staff strives to provide reliable and smooth furniture pickup service. Our company’s main goal is to provide all of our clients the best moving facilities. Hence, our packaging is durable and made to avoid any kind of mishaps during a move.

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What Do We Offer in Our Furniture Pickups?

For sure, loading, moving, and unloading the furniture is not an easy task. However, Move Bros make all of these tasks easier for you. Every step involved in our furniture pickup service has been tested many times to achieve perfection. We have customized boxes depending on the size and width of your furniture. Before putting your furniture in the boxes, we cover it with a thin layer of plastic to provide further durability. This process ensures that the furniture is not damaged or scratched during the move. Once we pack everything in the boxes, we check the completeness of each item again and proceed to deliver the furniture. Our staff lifts and puts every box inside the trucks with ease. After moving the furniture to your new location, comes the unloading and assembling part. Many moving services providers fail here and might end up damaging the customer’s precious assets. However, the staff of Move Bros is well organized and guarantees that your furniture will be unloaded the same way it was loaded, safely and swiftly.


At Move Bros, our team of experts offers reliable and proven professional solutions for the safe move of your furniture from one place to another. We do everything quickly, safely, and with no fuss. Our truck drivers also play a significant role in all of this. They are fully capable and understand the safety guidelines to move your furniture without any damage. All of our workers follow strict moving protocols, and we monitor the entire process to provide our customers with perfection. Call us now at (605) 403-6131 or email us at and get the best furniture pickup service in Sioux Falls, SD, for a safe and smooth moving process.

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